Konstruiert von Stefan Falk. Fotografiert von Richard Mussler-Wright.
Hochgeladen am 4.5.2009, 21:14 von ft_idaho.  5 / 7

I loved Stefan Falk’s Spaceship so much, I had to render it!

Stefan Falk (4.5.2009, 22:02:39)

Hello Richard,

Whew, thank you! Thinking is the best way to travel (The Moody Blues)… :-)

Best Regards over the ocean, Stefan

ft_idaho (4.5.2009, 22:09:27)

It is a nice model. As soon as I get a chance, I am going to animate it as well!

Stefan Falk (4.5.2009, 23:21:09)

Another story: Years later, still enjoying this simple model, it got a total of 5 little add-on space ships instead of only one. They were built using a single BS30 (pointing upwards like on the photo), and the legs were made of 8 BS15 in total. One was put in the middle, and four on the four double-legs of the main ship. I hope the description is understandable ;-)

Regards again, Stefan