ft Scorpion on Peek

Konstruiert und fotografiert von Richard Mussler-Wright.
Hochgeladen am 25.7.2010, 09:08 von ft_idaho.  26 / 38

Schlagworte: Instructable, Peek, Scorpion

I created plans for the Scorpion, and converted them into a PDF format. Then I emailed them to my Peek, and I am now viewing the building instructions on the tiny Peek screen! Yowza!

Severin (25.7.2010, 11:52:58)

What’s the name of that device?

fabse (25.7.2010, 23:27:16)


ft_idaho (26.7.2010, 01:08:38)

I <3 my Peek! I purchased it through Amazon, and I pay no fees for the life of the device!